1.300 Castles


      青く染まるだけ 手錠が燃える

片目で跳べる 無意味に溶ける



塗られた蜜に囚われていた 300の城が泣かずに消える

星条旗が見える 羽が燃え落ちる


歩けば狂気 蛇が横たわる



天使は黒く 雨が降り注ぐ


2.Pale Blue Wine


Smoking on you,and I'm slowly back to you.

Back to use this fake person,he is looking for gold way.


Rolling on you

There's no color of greece age.

Now I know this is the hand,very best of helpless hand.


3.I Want More


Into the dark

Don't shoot me,you cry again.


Into the space

No realize,so you divide.


Too small to feel your suicide.


Next time,I touch your lip.


 I want more.


4.Lover's War


Memories are lies flashing like an ice.

Summarize your doubt creeping on the shore.


Early  morning sun always tear us apart.

I want to kiss your tits

Summer I don't like.


Lover's war,lover dies.




Revolution again

Here come the rain.


I will be king of night, you will be queen.


She is smiling.


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